Celebrate With A Gallstone Banana Spit

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One of the seemingly most difficult things about the gallbladder is diet is the total elimination of refined sugar. Refined sugar is bad. You don’t need it. Sadly, I am a sugar junkie and absolutely love sweets of all kinds.

I thought the experience of giving up sugar would be harder than it actually is. The truth is, after a few weeks, I am finding that my tastes are recalibrating. Fruits are sweet enough. I’m avoiding all refined sugar, honey, molasses, “organic cane sugar” (deceptive health food store lingo for refined sugar), maple syrup, everything. Instead, I’m eating tons of fresh fruit and loving it.

For fun, I tried some vegan tricks last night for a treat. This is a banana split made of nothing but fruit and nuts. It is unbelievably tasty! Now, this is certainly loaded with natural sugar from the fruit and fat from the nuts, but it is good for the body. Just make sure to share and not each to much.

Banana Ice Cream

Take 4 bananas and blend them in a blender until they are totally smooth. Put them in a container and freeze for an hour. Done! Banana Ice Cream.

Cashew Whipped Cream

While said bananas are freezing, put 1/2 cup of raw (unroasted, unsalted) cashews and 1/2 cup of dates (remove pits) in a blender. Add a cup of water. Let them site for 10 mins to soften, then blend, pulse, pummel with the blender until nice and creamy. Done! Vegan whipped cream.


Cut up a handful of fresh strawberries and toast a handful of walnuts. Chop the walnuts.


Put the frozen banana ice cream in a dish, top with strawberries and toasted walnuts, add a dollop of cashew whipped cream.

It’s a great mix of fruity and nutty flavors. An excellent exercise for mindful eating.


Week One Review

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It’s been nine days since I asked the surgeon to put down the knife and made the commitment to attempt to keep my gallbladder in tact. I see this week as a bona fide success and would describe the shift in my general well-being as “seismic”. Sadly, I did have one attack, but it was an order-of-magnitude more manageable than past attacks and I was able to recover swiftly. I also believe I correctly identified the cause for the attack (my HCL supplementation).

Main Activities:

  • Tons of Research
  • Meeting With Nutritionist

Main Strategies:

It worked. I feel like a completely different person physically, mentally, and spiritually. I can feel a seismic and healthy transformation in my digestion. My appetite is good and increasing in a desirable way. I’m pleased that this week was a good first step towards restoring some balance to my health: not just to the gallbladder but to my overall well being. My commitment to beating this growing rather than waning, so that’s a good thing. We all need a little encouragement.
Coming up this week will be the introduction of small doses of Hydrochloric Acid. I can “feel” that I need it when I take it, but I have to move slowly with it and keep the dosage low. I will also start introducing some exercise into the picture (extremely important), and some substances to help dissolve the stones. More to come. All this weeks strategies are keepers and will remain fundamental to my continuing program.

Mindful Eating For Gallstone Management


This is a timely thought, as the whole concept of “Mindful Eating” is going mainstream as evidenced by this extremely popular NY Times piece from just a few days ago: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/08/dining/mindful-eating-as-food-for-thought.html?_r=1

While “Mindfulness”, generally, is going to be an important part of dealing with the pain and discipline involved in beating gallstones (I’m pretty sure), Mindful Eating is a great concept to help get overeating under control and to become more sensitive to what’s going on with gallby. I believe this a critical step.

You don’t need to much training for this one. Just slow down, and pay attention to what you eat, how you eat, and when you eat. If you suffer from gallstones or really any digestion issues, resolve to eat only in peace. No more eating in the car, no more eating at your desk, no more eating while reading email. Sit down, and focus on your eating. Better yet, enjoy it. Take lots of deep breaths, chew slowly, swallow intentionally, and most importantly PAY ATTENTION to your gut.

The gallbladder actually contracts and pumps. When you’re loaded with stones this can be painful. The extreme nausea you feel when eating during a gallbladder attack is the body’s most extreme way of screaming at you to pay attention. With a little mindful eating you can cut yourself off before you get to that point.

I’m really enjoying eating more mindfully. It’s extremely relaxing and kind of addictive once you commit. We all need to relax a little more, and eating is a great time to do so.