Having read about them, I set out to test them myself. It’s True. Cucumbers are a fantastic food to eat for gallbladder attacks and gallstone pain. Being mostly water (sadly low in nutrients) and so easily digestible, cucumber easily keeps the stomach full without upsetting your actively attacking gallbladder. If they come from the fridge they are also nice and cool which feels great too.

I’m not convinced that the cucumbers have as much of a direct pain-releiving effect as the Flaxseed Tea. I think it is more that their bulky, cool-wateriness, and easy digestion provides nice all around relief to the stomach during an attack.

Either way, add cucumbers to the list of Magic Food and pre-cut some slices, keeping them on had for your next attack. They are an easy, non-offensive snack which I am able to nibble on even during extreme attacks accompanied by nausea.