I decided to commit to some food tracking as part of my attempt to beat gallstones without surgery. I’ve used these types of programs in the past like most people use them: for a week or two until they become to much of a pain in the a$$. I was determined to find something that works. After lots of research and trials, I settled on Perfect Diet Tracker: http://www.perfect-diet-tracker.com/ . I’m using a Mac for this, but nicely, the software is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

The biggest barrier to using these types of calorie counting, diet tracking programs is the difficulty in entering foods. If it is too difficult to add what you just ate, you simply will stop using the program. This where Perfect Diet Tracker really shines. It has an extremely robust database of foods and they interface makes it easy to enter them. They have an extremely extensive list of raw foods, generic entries for things like “sushi”, and an amazing list of brand name stuff. Beyond the average “McDonalds This” and “Taco Bell That”, they have products you’ll find in health food and specialty stores. Some of the things I’ve been eating, including Ezekiel brand sprouted grain, Santa Cruz Organic Juices, and Nancy’s Kefir were all in there. Score!

I’m enjoying the experience. It is a great way to keep track of what you are eating, but more importantly, it tracks the proportions of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and helps you course correct throughout the day. Tracking also makes you much more aware of what you are eating, the portion sizes, etc. This can be valuable for both gaining and losing weight. For me, I am fighting to keep my calorie count up. After 2 weeks thinking I had an ulcer and dealing with the excruciating pain of the attacks, I have to focus to make sure I eat enough right now. Perfect Diet Tracker really helps. It also helps to encourage you to eat a more varied diet because it is easy to see if you’re eating too much of the same things: very important if the root cause of your gallstones is an underactive liver and gallbladder.

I’m pleased. Currently, I’m using the free trial and they have not cut me off yet. Hopefully the trial last until my next ultrasound in 6 months. Highly recommended.