Since gallstones and sick gallbladders are digestive disorders, it only makes sense to address the digestion. Curiously, both doctors I saw, and the surgeon, had no interest in my diet, nutrition, or eating habits. I offered up as much info as I could but it seemed of little interest to the process.

Step One for me is working with a good nutritionist. I consider this important for attempting any sort of long term healing, but especially for digestive orders. Do some research and find a good one. Don’t delay. It’s fundamental to having a shot at fixing your gallbladder. Fortunately, I’ve got a good one here in town.

The first thing she did was up a complete bloodwork. Bloodwork was done as part of my normal exams while diagnosing this at the hospital, but my nutritionist smartly ordered up some additional tests to get the most complete profile possible. Also of note was that while both physicians and surgeons said my bloodwork was “fine”, my nutritionist dug deeper and pointed out lots of imbalances. From these imbalances she was able to deduce a lot about my dietary habits: she could tell what I was eating, what I wasn’t eating, and what I need to do about it.

She then sent me out the door with a bag full of nutraceuticals. These are just fancy supplements. I’m on a pretty intense regimen of natural pills. Again, this is something one should do with the real, knowledgeable guidance of an expert. It’s easy enough to Google up some supplement ideas. There are plenty of web sites out there offering you info in exchange for you buying their product. But there are two big problems with this:

  • Many supplements are crap
  • Supplements can be as dangerous as prescription drugs

Don’t go it alone.

For my case, some of the big areas of focus are:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B and Folic Acid
  • HDL

My Vitamin D turned out to be atrocious. About 20% of what it should be. I’ve read before that most people in the north bumble around with severe Vitamin D deficiency. Now I understand. Interestingly, Vitamin D was not part of the regular bloodwork ordered by the doctor or by the hospital. We had to order that one up special.

The low HDL is another big. I don’t have enough “good” cholesterol. This is my first week on the regimen and I’m feeling good. As mention before, I really need Hydrochloric Acid supplementation but I’m holding off until I feel stable enough for it. That stuff is intense and made an almost instant, dramatic change in my digestion. It’s important to limit variables when debugging anything, especially something as dynamic as the body. So for now, we’ll try the ¬†nutraceuticals and see how we do.