Because of the fickle nature of gallstone attacks, it’s tough to know what kind of progress you’re making: until you have a fresh attack. Sadly today I was attacked. But there is a bright side. This attack was different, less severe, and more manageable using my new-found bag of tricks describe in previous posts.

This was an interesting one because it occurred in the middle of the day. I could even feel it growing. That’s a first as most of my  past experiences  have involved waking up in horror to a full-blown gallbladder attack.

So, What Triggered It?

That’s tough to say. You can only go with your instincts in a situation like this. But, for now, I’m going with overstimulation of my stone filled gallbladder by Hydrochloric Acid supplementation.

When reviewing one of the most popular, natural-remedy gallbladder sites,, it becomes clear that the essence of the Gallbladder Kits focus on two thing:

  • Stimulating Stomach Acid
  • Thinning Bile

I was curious to see if my witch doctor would do similarly. She did.

One of her core strategies for my healing is testing and adjusting for HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) deficiency. A surprising number of people suffer from this. Interestingly, many, many digestive problems where the doctor’s prescription involves BLOCKING stomach acid (Zantac, Prilosec, etc.), the truth is that the conditions are often based on LACK of stomach acid.

Even more interesting: some studies have shown 50% of people with gallstones have an HCL deficiency. There is certainly a strong link there.

Unfortunately, I’m suspicious of a connection between today’s attack and the supplements. Importantly, I took my lunchtime acid before the meal instead of after. Big mistake. I also took it with a light lunch, which can be too strong for people who need just a small boost. Always take your HCL supplements towards the end of larger, well-balanced meals.

So, in keeping with my general commitment to take things slowly, I am going to continue my healing and save the HCL for a week or two later. I would like to see myself have a solid, attack free week first. That may not be the best strategy, but that is probably what I will do. Most likely, this minor attack suggests the acid is helping stimulate my bile, but my stones are still too big and my gallbladder too sensitive to handle it.