Today’s attack was a great chance to blow through the bag of tricks and test again what works. I tried them all, and believe they did in fact make a noticeable impact on the pain and intensity:

All 3 of those things really helped to manage the pain.

After a while, I took to my bed for some rest. I lied down and did some deep breathing. Thanks to those tricks taking the edge off, I was really able to focus on the pain of the gallbladder attack which revealed a few interesting things.

First, The tea, cucumbers, and beats helped to relieve the overall spread of the pain through the abdomen an back. Many gallstone cases are mis-diagnosed as ulcers and such precisely because the pain spreads so far. Today though, I could really feel the source of the pain: the gallbladder. The back pain was still the work facet, but I could actually feel the gentle “throb” of the gallbladder pain, and I could feel how it radiated out into the back and into the abdomen.

Next, because I could feel the acute pain, I was able to do a few small tests to see what aggravated or relieved it.

  • I tried gently shifting positions, from my back, to my right side, to my left side. I saw no difference in the acute pain in the gallbladder.
  • I tried light pressure and rubbing around the abdomen. No effect.
  • I tried the heating pad. SUCCESS

The heating pad took about 10 minutes and achieved an elimination of the throbbing. This is a significant discovery for me. While it certainly helps to RELAX as much as possible, and to use some pain relief, the fact is you will still have an attacking gallbladder that needs to be dealt with. The assumption is that a stone must be in a bad place. It appears the heating pad was able to move that stone, or somehow bring the situation back to normal.