X marks the spot

X marks the spot

Years ago I suffered from some serious “mouse arm”… an aching right shoulder and wrist that was a consequence of too many hours on the computer. The search for relief led me to an amazing Chiropractor/Kinesiologist/Nutritionist who I now lovingly refer to as my witch doctor. You’ll hear more about her later as she is a key part of my strategy to heal my gallstones.

From that treatment I learned about the concept of neurovascular bundles. Basically your nerves and blood vessels are routed through your body like a giant interstate system. As with any road system, there are major intersections, and different intersections serve different areas and organs, just like certain exits and offramps serves specific towns and cities.

For my mouse arm, I noticed she would often rub under my collar bone, and that the spot she rubbed was incredibly tender. Working and rubbing that spot brought tremendous relief to my arm. I later learned that this is the site of the neurovascular bundle that serves my arm. I now know, when my right arm hurts from the mouse, to rub under my right collarbone for relief.

Well yesterday was my big kickoff appointment for coming up with a gallstone plan. As expected, while testing my body she went right to the neurovascular bundle for the gallbladder liver. I’ll show you where it is but please use caution. Overworking the area can cause it to become incredibly swollen and tender.

The magic spot is on the right breast, about an inch to the left and an inch down from the right nipple. Use a little lotion or some oil and rub the area from left to right, increasing pressure as much as you can stand it. If you have had serious gallstone attacks and gallbladder/liver issues recently, you should feel the tenderness and the relief.

Enjoy. Just don’t overdo it.