A little almond butter to squeeze Gallby

A little almond butter to squeeze Gallby

I read an interesting testimonial from a woman online who healed her gallstones. One of her suggestions was to make sure you keep the gallbladder a little active so it does not get sluggish.

Her tip was to eat a small amount of peanut butter first thing on some mornings to give the gallbladder a little squeeze.

I decided to try this. It worked. Well, at least no attack. I put 2 tablespoons of pure Almond Butter on a slice of multigrain bread. (Make sure there are no added fats or sugars in the nut butter you choose.) I do swear that I could feel my gallbladder squeeze and gurgle a bit! I have busted out our home stethoscope. Next time I try this I’m going to listen like a pro.

Either way the advice is probably good. Your gallbladder does need some activity. Low fat does not mean no fat. A healthy balance is key. Go ahead and give gallby a squeeze if you’re feeling up to it.