Backup protein while you recover

Backup protein while you recover

One of the really difficult things about gallstone and gallbladder supportive diets are that all of your average, easy protein sources are considered high risk. Vegetarians and vegans are probably used to this, but for the rest of us, it can be a real struggle. There are few healthy diets in the world that don’t suggest cutting make on fatty red meats, but many gallbladder diets rule out all fowl including chicken and turkey. Yikes! With dairy excluded as well, and EGGS AT THE TOP OF THE LIST OF ATTACK INDUCING FOODS it gets even more difficult.

To make sure I have my bases covered I’ve invested in a jar of rice-based protein. There are lots of these beverages to choose from in healthfood stores, but most are loaded with stuff including sugars that should be avoided. I’ve selected this one from NutraBiotics because of its simplicity. It’s just rice protein and a little natural vanilla flavor. No bells and whistles.

You simply mix this stuff in a glass of water. It’s watery for sure… it lacks the thickeners in other “protein shake” products ( and that’s a good thing)

It is safe and agreeable and a good backup source of protein. I drink it midday or afternoon and it causes no effect for me on the gallbladder.