Once you decide to keep your gallstone filled gallbladder, it is hard not to feel a sense of urgency about getting started. Knowing your are bound to experience a few attacks, the sooner you can get healing the better. Your doctor also probably told you that gallstones can take years to dissolve, adding to the sense urgency about getting started.

It’s easy to search the web and start doing every crazy gallbladder flush and diet you come across. My advice? Don’t. Slow down. Make a strategy or plan and take things 1 step at a time. Don’t introduce too many variables at one time.

Be gentle. (I know it sounds like I’m talking to you, but I am actually talking to myself, reminding myself. I have the tendency to rush ahead and plow into things).

My Rough Plan For Defeating Gallstones

I’m still researching and investigating, but here is my rough plan:

Phase 1: Ease the pain & rebuild strength

Phase 2: Start working on a long-term plan to dissolve the gallstones

Phase 3: Remain gallstone free

So for right now, Phase One, it is all about being simple and gentle and trying to heal. No “gallbladder flushes”, fasts, or any other crazy maneuvers. There is plenty of time for that later. Right now the sole focus should be making sure no more damage is done.

Thing I’ll do:

  • Absolute low fat diet
  • 100% focus on eat smaller meals & snacks
  • Eating more mindfully
  • relaxation
  • tons of fluids
Things I’ll Avoid (but only for now):
  • Gallbladder & liver “flushes”
  • Potent herbal tinctures that increase bile flow
  • Natural foods that stimulate the gallbladder (RADISHES!)
I’ll get to those things later.  But I know from experience that many natural remedies can be extremely potent and powerful, and therefore dangerous and painful, if you just grab things off the Inter-webs and try them at will without guidance.
Put simply, the key thing to focus on is <b>not causing any distress</b>. Take it slow.