Crazy Cayce Castor Oil Pack Kit

Crazy Cayce Castor Oil Pack Kit

I’m a huge fan of Edgar Cayce’s health advice. Cayce is often considered the “father of holistic medicine”. Sure he is a little bit kooky… but overall his advice is simple, sound, and healthy. Like I said, I’m a huge fan.

One of Cayce’s classic remedies is the Castor Oil Pack. I have tried these in the past and enjoyed them. I instantly recalled them when I was diagnosed with gallstones. Sure enough, they are recommended as a gallstone remedy and a general technique to promote gallstone health.

I don’t think there is too much magic to the packs. While it is hard to pinpoint the actual medical value of the castor oil, it is in fact soothing to the abdomen even if only superficially. I also think there is something to the whole “ritual” of preparing the pack. It takes some time and requires some care. Importantly, this forces you to make a time commitment to the therapy which has the natural benefit of forcing you to take some time out and focus on your healing.

The process is simple but you’ll need a few simple things:

  • Large Bottle of Castor Oil
  • Heating Pad
  • Old scraps of wool flannel or cotton
  • Some garbage bags
Getting the Castor Oil requires a little planning because you need a substantial (16 oz) bottle. There are several companies that sell these online, and you can also order “kits” that include everything you need. The Castor Oil itself is only about $5 for a bottle. See some of the options for Castor Oil Packs on Amazon.
I just use some old, cut up flannel sheets for the wool.
The basic process is:
  • Saturate the scrap of wool in Castor Oil
  • Warm it in the oven
  • Put it on your abdomen, cover with some plastic (I use garbage bags), cover with heating pad, and then cover with a towel
  • Relax for an hour
That’s it. The trick and the care is that Castor Oil is nasty and extremely sticky. All the care goes into not soiling anything with the oil, hence the garbage bags and old towels.

Here is a great video. Don’t be put off by the super creepy narrator: Castor Oil Pack Preparation Video

Bottom line, these feel great and really reduce the pain by relaxing the abdomen. It takes an hour which is a big time commitment. But if you are not willing to take some time out to get better you’re better off with gallbladder surgery. I’ve found that gallby responds well to the attention.

I’ve been doing the packs at night before bed. It is requiring me to go to bed an hour earlier, but it is a really nice, comfortable hour and I sleep great afterwards. I’ve also found they are relaxing my back and all of the muscles on the right side of abdomen that have been extremely tense due to the gallbladder attacks.

Edgar Cayce’s Castor Oil Packs: They’re good fer  what ails ya’. I highly recommend these for anyone with abdominal discomfort of any kind. I consider these to be a key part of my gallstone therapy now. If you are keeping a sick gallbladder order some castor oil today and get started.