This is a timely thought, as the whole concept of “Mindful Eating” is going mainstream as evidenced by this extremely popular NY Times piece from just a few days ago:

While “Mindfulness”, generally, is going to be an important part of dealing with the pain and discipline involved in beating gallstones (I’m pretty sure), Mindful Eating is a great concept to help get overeating under control and to become more sensitive to what’s going on with gallby. I believe this a critical step.

You don’t need to much training for this one. Just slow down, and pay attention to what you eat, how you eat, and when you eat. If you suffer from gallstones or really any digestion issues, resolve to eat only in peace. No more eating in the car, no more eating at your desk, no more eating while reading email. Sit down, and focus on your eating. Better yet, enjoy it. Take lots of deep breaths, chew slowly, swallow intentionally, and most importantly PAY ATTENTION to your gut.

The gallbladder actually contracts and pumps. When you’re loaded with stones this can be painful. The extreme nausea you feel when eating during a gallbladder attack is the body’s most extreme way of screaming at you to pay attention. With a little mindful eating you can cut yourself off before you get to that point.

I’m really enjoying eating more mindfully. It’s extremely relaxing and kind of addictive once you commit. We all need to relax a little more, and eating is a great time to do so.